To help talented singer/songwriters “tweak” a song, produce a vivid recording and then coach them
to have the courage and joy to stand on a stage and perform their art.




You will not be “judged” or “ridiculed”, this is not a “sport”. You will be NUTURED and ENCOURAGED.  Now this is different!



Brady has composed hundreds of songs, recorded many with amateur and Grammy pros, has done hundreds of auditions and performed for a multitude of “Open Mics” in Canada and America. He loves it and you can tell. Watch any of the videos on his sites, even some of his zany "Brady's World". So in “Brady Live”, it’s not about “Brady” but YOU or a friend of yours or maybe you just want to watch: BUT ALL WILL LEARN, in a fun way… how to do it!

 This concept is both a reality and edited live show event. Brady films everything in Ultra HD-4K video, and we get to enjoy the magic from the audition process, to the song writing/tweaking to the recording in the amazing SkyRoom Studio facility perched high on top a building in the majestic “Newport” area in the “new” downtown Jersey City. It is on the bank of the Hudson, overlooking the Manhattan Skyline AND the NY Harbor. The views from the studio windows, balcony and roof top terrace are incredible inspirational to singers, artists and producers. There have been many a celebrity here where gold & platinum records have been made or mastered, lots of TV show, animation & film soundtracks scored and awards have been earned including an Emmy! After the song is recorded, Brady will give very gentle suggestions on how to turn it into a live performance masterpiece. An album will be released with EACH BRADY LIVE Show of 15 tracks: one for each performer, one original by Brady and one by Executive Producer David Musial.

One evening all of the 13 singers (since there 13 weeks in a quarter, the minimum standard of episodes for a TV series), will gather and perform their song at a big music club in Manhattan (maybe The Cutting Room, SOB’s, Santo’s Party Box, etc.) Brady will host the show and it will look like a really cool, late night TV Talk Show with a “House Band” and much more! This event too will be filmed with multiple cameras, and it will be edited into a NextGen Stars® one hour, and a 2 hour special as well a 13 ten minutes episodes for a web-series about each singer who has now with Brady’s help, turned into an “ARTIST”!



The first in this unique series will launch in New York City in the summer or early Fall of 2017. Auditions will be in June just after Brady finishing starring in a 24-cast member production of the hit Broadway Musical “ROCK-OF-AGES”. Additional cities around-the-world will be added to this show.



We expect each event to run about $100,000. The talent WILL be paid, we will need to rent the club for 2-3 days plus a film crew, editors, promo & advertising. In today’s day an age (thanks to so many people enjoying music the past 10-15 years ant not paying for it, many of the old-fashioned production and record companies with “huge” budgets are gone. We are forgiving of circumstances which we could not control, we and many people love the art of music, so we will need to rely on fan or “future” fan support via a crowd funding venture, so we are launching a “Patreon” campaign for each city, (or for on-going fans). Think of it like having a “personal” Nextflix where your small monthly set amount auto donation ($1, $10 or more gets you exclusive live streams and segments of the entire behind-the-scenes, very fun process.) We may also welcome entertainment investors and we may sell tickets to the live show and of course we will have cool merch to help the production as well. The show will air on a reasonable pay-per-view or commercial sponsored channel of the NextGen Stars network, or if it gets “picked up” for distribution by a large network, all talent will receive fair residuals.  We hope that the singers will share this cool show with their friends and their social media associates, and we all help each other to develop and enjoy new musical artists and entertainment!

How do you get involved as a singer/songwriter?

You can send a 60 second audio or video sample of you singing a copyright-free song (like the National Anthem, Happy Birthday, Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, etc.), to a link on the “audition” page. There is a humble $10 submission fee so we can hire a college Music Production intern to collect the submissions and categorize them. You must be available for 5-7 session including the live show, so it’s best that you live near the host city. There will be a one month submission period and you will be notified within one month of the decision. There is also a “paid” participation option: for $1,200 (after your submission above) if we feel you have potential, you can be placed in one of the up to 3 “secured” spots in the show.

Send an email if you have any questions to BradyLiveShow@gmail.com if you have any questions