6/18/19 We are getting ready to peform in the world's Largest Mermaid Parade!  
6/9/19 We enjoyed performing for over a Million People in America's Largest Cultural Celebration in NYC  
6/3/19 Our new album cover and some new "head shots"  
6/2/19 A GoFundMe campaign and a Raffle has been launched to help us perform in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade  
4/29/19 We have a new Parade Montage Video... Newark Puerto Rican Day Parade 2018  
4/1/19 We have a new music video with Danilo & Musial NYC  
3/1/19 We have another song done! Davis Mallory in Las Vegas & David Musial  
2/1/19 We have 2 new songs done! Danny Hall "GuruDa Gawd" and David Musial NYC  
1/1/19 We have another song done! Quadre Preseley "DRÉ SB" in NYC  
12/1/18 Check out our new music video for our favorite pop Christmas song: LAST CHRISTMAS  
11/1/18 We have 2 new songs done! Rick O'Neil in Jamaica & David Musial  
10/1/18 We start production on our first full 10-Song Album with award-winning Executive Producer Prof. David Musial  
9/1/18 We will honor the victims and families of 9/11 in Jersey City at the Memorial on 9/11/18  
8/6/18 We got booked to perform in the Jersey City Puerto Rican Day Parade & Festival Main Stage 8/18 & 8/19  
7/27/18 We got booked to perform our anthem "PROUD TO BE!" on the Main Stage at the State of New Jersey Puerto Rican Day Parade in Newark on 9/16/18 at noon!  
7/27/18 We got booked to perform the Puerto Rican National Anthem and our anthem "PROUD TO BE" at the Newark, NJ "Puerto Rican Flag Drop" event in City HAll on 9/9/18 at 4 PM.  
7/26/18 We recorded our song "I'M NOT A GHOST" for our Mermaid Mysteries Movie!  
7/25/18 We recorded a very unique song we co-wrote: JUMP FOR JERRY  
7/23/18 We composed our song "I'M NOT A GHOST" for our Mermaid Mysteries Movie!  
7/6-7/25 Many sessions to complete the dialog sessions for our Mermaid Mysteries Movie  
7/4/18 Jersey City Main Stage assisitng the amazing "Bubble Queen" as "Royal Guards" and then they sing their new patriotic anthem "PROUD TO BE!" We will perform in her ashbow and right AFTER!  
6/15/18 Our cool post cards arrived for the MERMAID MYSTERIES Movie and we will be represented tomorrow at the 36th annual MERMAID PARADE in Coney Island, NYC where there could be a million or more mermaids bubbling out of the sea!  
6/13/18 We met the wonderful mother and leader of "JUMP FOR JERRY" Duble Dutch International Stars, at SkyRoom Studio, and something mucically, magical is "jumping! The amazing hip producers "QUADRE PRESLEY" & "DANNY HALL" have joined our team! WE ARE GONNA MAKE SOME NOISE!!!  
6/11/18 Audio Post Production is in process at SkyRoom Studio for our 1st feature TV Special, the MERMAID MYSTERIES! It's about "Mermaids" and "GHOSTS" and our elementary school fans are excited to do the MERMAID DANCE!  
6/10/18 The Rosados arrievd on time and performed "Proud To Be!"at the start of the NATIONAl PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADEin NEW YORK CITY! See some photos (and video soon ) here.  
6/10/18 PROUD TO BE! Single "Drops" world-wide on CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more!  
6/9/18 Eric, John & Sophia Rosado, a.k.a. "THE ROSADOS™", have been adminsitered official Manamement, Production & Publishing contracts with One World Artists, LLC, NextGen Stars® Production and Publishing. GO ROSADOS!  
6/7/18 Manger David Musial meets "Kim" the wonderful & courageous Mom of "Jerimiah" of "Jump for Jerry!"  

The NATIONAL PUERTO RICAN DAY Parade company invited us to perform a World Premiee of PROUD TO BE!
at the amazing 61st Annual 152nd Street Cultural Fest in the BRONX, NYC. This is a "tease" video montage

5/22/18 All kinds of plans are being finalised for the parade. We got our truck, sound system, 10,000 postcards are being ordered, our ourfits are being designed ! How cool!  
5/19/18 We had our 1st Dancer Gathering practice at St. Mary's High School Gym in Jersey City! Let your friends know!  
5/17/18 1st Stage Training session for PROUD TO BE with the incredible NYC & Canadian musical theater star BRADY®  
5/14/18 The award-winning producer Musial, mixed & mastered our new song and published it to CD Baby fopr a global release on June 10, 2018, the National Puerto Rican Parade Day. Our proceeds will benefit rebuilding of our Gram's home and other home damaged by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico! We are PSYCHED!!!  
5/13/18 Final recording of PROUD TO BE! You can buy it as a digital download for 99¢ on JUNE 10, 2018 on CD Baby!  
5/9/18 More tweaking of the song writing for PROUD TO BE! We made a CITY SHOUT OUT Verse!  
5/8/18 We made the first 90 Second "Parade Loop" video to help announce the song to potewntial dancers  
5/7/18 Our Executive Producer designed Shirt Logos for the Parade!  
5/6/18 More work was done on PROUD TO BE! It's coming out awesome, EDM/Pop/Salsa and Spanglish!  
5/4/18 We tracked the reference vocals for the Bridge & 2 verses fpr "PROUD TO BE!  
5/3/18 The initial recoring of the song PROUD TO BE has begun! Wew tracked the vocals for tbhe chorus!  
5/2/18 Our Executive Producer who helps to manage everything for us, was inspired to create an original song woth us for the Parade. We call it "PROUD TO BE!" and it's about being PUERTO RICAN & AMERICAN! We started writing it today!  
4/30/18 We are selecting our song list to perform in the Bronx Cultural Fest  
4/30/18 Off-Brodway star Brady, who has performed in Disney, the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, on an Air-Craft Carrier, in Carnegie HAll and more, has offerd to help coach us in staging!  
4/28/18 We were invited to perform a "set" at 1 PM at the 61st Annual 152nd Street Cultural Fest in the BRONX, NYC on 5/26/18  
4/27/18 We officially registered in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade... THANKS to all of our supporters for donating the money! It's America's LARGEST Cultural Eevnt! We need 30 dancers to join us. sigh up here!
See the Crowdfunding info video here.
4/18/18 We applied to perform in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC June 10, 2018 We need DANCERS!  
  We launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1,500 to be in the parade.  
January 2018 We were invited to each create 2-90 second video demos to be singers for 22,000 people in Madison Square Garden!  
January 2018 We started writing and recording songs towards our first album  
January 2018 We were offered a Management agreement with One World Artists, LLC to help our parents organize shows.  
  Mermaid Mysteries  
12/24/2017 We performed solos in our parish Christmas Concert again  

Rosados 1st EP CD Release ... here is the music

12/2/17 We performed in our last MusciTech Kids™ showcase at the Brightside in Jersey City  
August 2017 We completed filing our 1st movie :"The Mermaid Mysteries" by visiting ALL of the majot boardwalks on the entire Jersey Shore!  
  We became MusicTech Teens  
July 2017 We reorded an beuatiful ballad "In My Arms"/"En Mis Brazos"  
June 2017 We shot the music video "The Fidget Spin Dance"  
June 2017 We shot the msuic video "It's My Castle" in Central Park & Liberty State Park  
May, 2017 We started filming the movie "The Mermaid Mysteries" in Coney Island and the Northern Jersey Shore! mom and Dad drove and assisted. Our 'lil 5 year old sister Sophia kept wanting to join in! So we made her the MERMAID! LOL!  
April, 2017 We composed and started recording our silly, fun dance tune "The Mermaid Dance"  
March, 2017 We shot the music video "Newport Skates"  
February, 2017 We composed and started recording our first original song "Shooting Star"  
January 2017 We were honord to be entered into the MusicTech Kids™ Scholoarship training program. Mom says this...  
October 2016 We met Prof. David Musial, who trained us to perform in our church Christmas Concert. We were 12 years old. Our mom made us do it... blush! It was a grerat experience! Love ya Mom!