"22222" Song & Music Video for 2/22/22
& Career Music Catalog Montage Video

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WHAT: New Music Video “22222” & Movie project

WHERE: Jersey City

WHY: Victories over “The Spectrum” & College Scholarships!

WHEN: 2/22/22 at 2:22 AM on a Tuesday “2’s Day” by 2 Brothers

Contact: Prof. David Musial, Manager


The dynamic Rosado Twins who have victoriously defeated the “spectrum”,
release their newest Music Video “22222” and also receive generous college scholarships!

Luis & Maria Rosado via

Professor David Musial, (best contact)
School: The Smart Trax® Institute of Technology (501-c-3)
Located in Newport, Jersey City since 1992

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The dynamic Rosado Twins who have victoriously defeated the “spectrum”, release their newest Music Video “22222” and also receive generous college scholarships!

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop gives “thumbs up” to our music video about the beautiful murals of Jersey City “OPEN YOUR MIND”,  and now Eric Rosado has been declared the “AMBASSADOR FOR AUTISM FOR JERSEY CITY” in September 2022, by Mrs. Sherry Singh the Director of the organization!

Eric & John Rosado have created an extensive catalog of over 25 songs, music videos, reality shows, now 2 movies and moreThis 9-minute musical montage, is an eclectic mix commencing with their newest music video “22222”. The montage which follows quickly covers songs in less than 5 mins, from children's musical projects about Halloween characters like “mermaids”, “vampires” & “ghosts”, to Christmas music videos, to more unique topics like being proud of their Puerto Rican heritage, high school social experiences, as well as a tribute to the public mural paintings and sculpture statues in Jersey City. The Rosados were chosen to be the “Hip Hop” act for a national tour “Heal Thru Hope” with their songs “Unity” & cover tune “What The World Needs Now”, related to the dedication of the newest military monument in America. It was to be on July 3, 2021, in Buffalo, and the second show on Labor Day 2021 in Jersey City. It has been postponed due to the pandemic.  They have filmed music videos in the biggest parade in America, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, they have also filmed music videos in other areas of New York City.

Now Eric, John and their sister Sophia (9-10) plus Rafal Wolosz (14-15) and Krish Wadhawan (6) are co-starring in a unique movie about “ski & snowboard” training directed by Prof. David Musial of Jersey City, “My First Ski” for SkiWithMe. Musial's amazing adult apprentices Quadré Presley and Danny Hall are scheduled to join the venture on March 12, when they are taught to Snowboard by Rafal who is learning how to be a “Junior Instructor” by Mr. Gary Helffenstein, the CEO & Executive Producer a.k.a. “Coach G”. He is joined by his lovely wife Carolyn a.k.a “Coach C”.  The movie includes supporting original-song music videos! Production started in November 2020 in Jersey City by Hamilton Park, and then traversed in a “blizzard” though Newport to Greenville, and then Liberty State Park. We had scenes in front of Saint Mary’s church and up in the Heights near Christ Hospital. We then filmed in The Poconos, The Catskills, The Olympic mountain on White Face and more. We have 2 more filming sessions at the Buffalo Ski Center where Musial learned to ski in 1978, and at Belleayre Resort in the Catskills.They plan for a November 2022 release! 

The professional music career started by surprise for Eric and John Rosado at the ages of 12, just after they gave a stunning performance at a Christmas concert at Saint Mary’s church in Jersey City where their family attended, near the Statue of Liberty. As a professional liturgical musician with extensive experiences and also being an award-winning college professor, Musial was asked to be the conductor. With great compassion, mom shared her appreciation and also shared that her Twins were born with “Autism & OCD”. (Maria and Luis Rosado refused to accept the diagnosis, and put them into elementary schools which had good in-class music opportunities.)  To Musial, they just seemed a little bit “quiet” and unusually “well-behaved” compared to other kids, but we're tremendous on stage. So the professor put them into his scholarships for his very unique MusicTech Kids® and eventually his MusicTech Teens® Programs.

Musial's college apprentices Quadre Presley and Danny Hall were with him from the very beginning and witnessed miracles in the making! Several other brilliant musical minds have assisted including some of the professor's other successful protegés  including Manny Medina & Brady Cudmore,  a Hollywood film director and Musial's amazing NYU student alumni Sputnik Erawok, music industry executive colleague Rick O'Neil of Kingston , Jamaica & Florida, record producers Davis Mallory of Slump Music in Las Vegas, record producers Samuel Picasso, Billy Valdez,  Euribiadis “Gpro” Conil & DJ Marv LS (who toured the world with P Diddy!)  The brilliant fashion designer and magazine cover photographer Roderick Gunsel of House of Roderick, NYC-Paris, volunteered to co-direct the music video “UNITY” and also took a variety of distinguished portraits. (Roderick told us he has done covers for VOGUE and other well-known magazines.)  The Rosados have been on stages with Opera & Broadway Star N’Kenge,  Pop, Rock & Jazz artist Carol Lester, (a Jersey City Board of Education Vice President), Polish Opera Star Kasia Drucker, liturgical soloist Melissa Pierre, and many more! We thank Suzanne Hillary for approving us for the performer's list (Eric, John) at Madison Square Garden and to Ululy Rafael Martinez, the President of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade for believing in us at our first show in front of 20,000 people!

Our venture has been Victorious on many levels, Eric has been titled the official  “Ambassador for Autism for Jersey City” with the song that they composed with Sherry Singh the director- “Accept Me Into Your World”,  and John has composed a song with Eric that deals with OCD titled “Relax”. Both young men now at the age of 18, have been excellent high school students and through these ventures have been presented with some extensive college scholarships already.

The power of music!



By The Twins Eric & John Rosado & David Musial

To be released 2/22/22 at 2/22 PM  Composed on 12022021

Hey, It’s just me and you, yay, whatever we do, ohh!
Everything is 2, at home or school yo!
What we do today, affects our view tomorrow ooh!
But today we have… 5 twos in a row! Ho! 
We have to stand together at this exact time
It’s 2:22, make this Two Twenty-Two
This is what we will do On 2/22
in Twenty Twenty Two Yah, Yah! 

22222 I say 22222, I’m not a train, or insane!
For twins, it’s now our day
22222, let’s say 22222
It’s Two’s Day on Tuesday Today Yay!

Some people get double vision when they drink too much
Some gamble for double or nothing if they can’t stop
Some like a double scoop of ice cream in their pop
Some play video at twice the speed to quickly se
Twice as many things if that makes them happy
Music and math come together for you and m
Never will this happen again in history!

February 22nd in 2022. The world is looking now at me and you!

©12/2/21  David Musial and soon Eric & John Rosado, NextGen Stars® ASCAP 


(a.k.a. Two’s Day)
Eric & John

Composed by
The Rosados & Musial

Concept, Executive Producer & Director
Lyrics, Melody, Instrumental Music,
Vocal Recording Engineer, Mixing, Mastering,
Photography, Cinematography, Graphics, Video Post Production
Social Media Encoding

Special thanks to
Maestro Tom Lorentz
for a Mix Review!

Additional Cinematography &
Assistant Director & Props


All Production on a MAC at
SkyRoom Studio

The Rosados appear courtesy One World Artists Management

The ® ®

(p)2022 One World Artists, LLC
©2021 NextGen Stars® Music Publishing, ASCAP

Special thanks to 

Mom Maria and Dad Luis Rosado

Mr. Tom Lorentz for "another good ear" while mixing!


Conceived by Prof. David Musial

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Photo Credit ©2022 Prof. David Musial, free and cleared to use for press.
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Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic 17-3/4 year-old twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys and Trumpet (John) and Drums (Eric). The Rosados were on stages for over 1,000,000 people in the NYC Area since 2016. They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12 (born in 2002), when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids" training program and their spunky little 4 year old sister "tags along" sometimes. By age 5 they invited her (as good bros should, to join in a few tracks LOL!) They entered the unioque MusicTech Teens™ Program at 13 and in the summer of 2018 they were signed to One World Artists Management due to the the extensive amount of invitations thier parents recieved to do performances! Award-winning Producer, Professor David Musial is their manager. The teens now have 11 Record Producers & Writers assisting them from all over America" 2 in Hollywood, one in Las Vegas, several in NYC as well as one from Kingston, Jamaica and one from Canada! In 2020 The Rosados were selected to be the "Hip Hop" act along wiht the amazing Rappers "DRÉ SB & Guru Tha Gawd" to tour the nation with their anthem "UNITY" and unique cocver tune "WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE SWEET LOVE" for the "Heal Thru Hope™" Concert. It was to celebrate the newest military event, in our country for the African American Veternas Monument dedication. It was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we will ise the songs for other shows.

The Rosados have a few singles released. They have published several music videos and have new videos in production. Their first self titled album "THE ROSADOS" is scheduled to "drop" on Sunday, June 9th when the perform for over a million people in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, in NYC. The Rosados hope to be performing all over America in 2019-2020.

The new album is a mix of Pop, Hip Hpp and Ballads with 9 Producers and writiers all volunteering to help the Rosados! It features two amazing rappers DRÉ SB and Guru Tha Gawd who often work out of SkyRoom Studio in Newport, and have known the Rosados since Day 1 in October 2016. Hollywood film producer Sputnic Erawok, who studied with Professor Musial 25 years ago at NYU, gave an amazing track for ther song "In The Summer". The song "Open Your Mind' is all labout the extremely creative and thought provoking MURALS of Jersey City. It is now a Music Video in editing and was inspired by Musial. He asked his poerty friend John Tam to get involed and then Eric & John crafted it into a uniqu pop song! Musial's clasmate Rick O'Neil from SUNY Fredonia 1984, a Carabbean Record Company and Concert Promotion master gave us the track for "You Make Me Smile". David Mallory of Las Vegas provided the track for "Hey What's That", which is about Oxymorions in the Newport Mall Food Court! "Sixteen" was copposed by the brilliant Jersey City resident from Canada, Brady® Cudmore, who trained the Rosados to perform the song "Proud To Be" all over the place last summer. The song "Raise The Roof" will RAISE YOUR ROOF and we have some fun covers of the classics "Hooked On A Feeling" and "Hangin' Tough". (Professor Musial co-produced the theme song to the Hollywood movie "SOUTHIE", about the life of "Donnie Wahlberg" from "New Kids On The Block", and Eric used this song for his audition to sing in Madison Square Garden two years ago! The ablum is exciting.

From 2016 to 2018, Mrs. Carol Lester a Jery City Snger, Songwriter, musicain and Entertainer, has invited the Rosados to help her perform her unique stage show "The Bubble Queen" all over the Jersey City and Hoboken areas. They learned a great deal about how to perform on stage from her and are very greatful for her training and opportunities. You can see all 3 siblings in several of her staged music videos and she appears as the "Queen" in our MusiocTech Kids "It's My Castle" music video! Carol is a previous Vice President of the Jersey City Board of Education. During the summer of 2017, they travelled to the boardwalks of EVERY major beach town on the Jersey Shore from Cape May, Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park to Coney Island and the "Mermaid Parade" (they did not go, the film crew did due to the "rating" of the participants), but they did go twice to the boardwalk and filmed a "MOVIE" about the making of their Music Video "The Mermaid Dance". It is [rpduced by the NextGen Stars Production Company and was released in 2019. In the winter of 2018 Eric & John both submitted 2 video demos to compete to perform in the most famous Music Performance Arena, Madison Square Garden! The Rosados helped to compose an Anthem they call "PROUD TO BE... PUERTO RICAN & AMERICAN", and it premiered in the Bronx Fest (apx 20,000 attended the festival) , the start of the NATIONAL Puerto Rican Day Parade (where over 1,000,000 attended) and then at the Jersey City July 4th Fest (where over 150,000 people attended). The famous rapper "Snoop Dogg" closed the show on the same stage! So the Rosaods were on stage for well over 200,000 people in the summer of 2018 alone!


The Rosados are constantly creating new musical ideas!



Photo credit for press:

©2021 Prof. David Musial