The annual 152 St Cultural Festival in the Bronx, NYC May 26, 2018 1 PM

Originals by The Rosados
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WHO: The ROSADOS Eric & John (14)

WHAT: Approved & Registered to perform in the 61st Annual 152 St Cultural Festival in the Bronx

WHY: Culture, Musical Art & HURRICANE MARIA family relief

WHEN:1 PM, Saturdy May 26, 2018

WHERE: 152nd Street in the Bronx, NYC

Parents: Luis & Maria Rosado

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CONTACT: One World Artists Management
Prof. David Musial
cel 917-626-5956



Song: Full Version mp3 Quality (the official release in June 10, 2018)

Music Video

Concept, Produced & Directed by Professor David Musial January 2017 to present

The Event: "Will be a "SEA OF PEOPLE" says the promotre Ululy Rafael Martinez

Eric & John will sing 
The Puerto Rico Anthem
A "classic" song by Ricky Martin!

En Mis Brazos

Eric & John will premiere their new original song "PROUD TO BE!" as a cultural anthem!

We plan to distribute post cards which share this and it will also introduce the dramatic song “It’s Oblivious”, which the Rosado family composed & recorded to help their Grandmother raise funds to repair her home which was destroyed in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria. The Rodsados will donate all of their proceeds to charity.



Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic 14 year-old twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys and Trumpet (John) and Drums(Eric). They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12 (born in 2002), when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids" training program and their spunky little 4 year old sister "tags along" sometimes. By age 5 they invited her (as good bros should, to join in a few tracks LOL!) The teens are involved in several music videos and are working on a full album, and a 45 minute "set". During the summer of 2017, they travelled to the boardwalks of EVERY major beach town on the Jersey Shore from Cape May, Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park to Coney Island and the "Mermaid Parade" (they did not go, the film crew did due to the "rating" of the participants), but they did go twice to the boardwalk and filmed a "MOVIE" about the making of their Music Video "The Mermaid Dance". It is in postproduction at the moment and teh NextGen Stars Production Company is planning a Spring 2018 Release! In the winter of 2018 Eric & John both submitted 2 video demos to compete to perform in the most famous Music Performance Arena, Madison Square Garden!

Short song description for "It's Oblivious"

This is a rugged and then yet gentle reflective rock track with descriptive and compassionate lyrics, about the need for assistance after a hurricane! It is sung by teens and a child who are grandchildren of a storm damage victim. The are MusicTech Kids

This song was inspired by the dramatic life threatening tragedy and the unfortunate fatal hurricane “MARIA” in September 2017, which destroyed much of the Caribbean, including the home of Grandma Elba Rosado. It was weeks before this family heard from the mother of their dad Luis, hence the loving and terrified grandmother of these three children. Fortunately she is safe, but her home in Salinas and Aibonito, Puerto Rico, was severely damaged.

The children are in the scholarship division of the very unique MusicTech Kids™ program created by the award-winning Prof. David Musial. He is an expert in Music & Video technologies, and has been a professional church Pipe Organist since age 10 (1970) and became a Liturgical Music Director in the 1980’s.

The first session during the horrific hurricane, the family was present put was  intensely distracted for natural reasons. What does Prof. David do??? He does what he “does” and started discussing their concerns and feelings. He transcribed the conversations, and as weeks went by, they modified the story and once we learned that Gram was “OK”, he coached them to create a musical “mood”.

They then made the instrumental. This procedure was initiated in “Garageband” software by Apple, where we found pro drum “loops”, and then found a singing range (the boys voices are “changing” at just 13) and then discussed piano chord feelings, a bass line and we crafted a melody. We then transferred into ProTools where we added guitar-like sounds, nasty-distorted synth leads, orchestral strings and rock drums. The piece begins with thunderstorm and violent winds, and it leads into a compassionate, gentle electric-harp like piano reflection, and eventually ends with an authentic, traditional lullaby “Los Pollitos” in Spanish  (The Little Chick) which Gramma Rosado taught little Sophia, who is just 5 years old now. She pleas “We Need To Help Her”.

Professor Musial and mom Maria Rosado, filmed the children singing the song in the vocal booth and he then edited a basic “live” production video, which you can view at this link on YouTube or Facebook.

100% of any profit income earned from any sale or public performance or broadcast royalty from this song, will be directed to the grandmother Elba Rosado in Puerto Rico, to assist her with a speedy recovery, (approximately $10,000 damage). Once her home is “fixed”, any future income shall be donated to the MusicTech Kids Scholarship fund to continue to help the Rosado kids and others

There is a PG Rated Version of a Music Video with images from the internet which show destroyed homes and a G Rated Version of the same Music Video with minimal images