The Jersey City Puerto Rican Day Parade and Festival 8/18 & 8/19
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Who: The Rosados
What: Parades and Puerto Rican Festivals
When: Summer 2018
Where: NYC, Jersey City & Newark

Parents: Luis & Maria Rosado

News(Updated often)

CONTACT: One World Artists Management
Prof. David Musial
cel 917-626-5956



Song: Full Version mp3 Quality (the official release in June 10, 2018)

Proud To Be Live Performance musical video

Concept, Produced & Directed by Professor David Musial January 2017 to present

Mayor Fulop asked if he couldtake a photo back stage just after the Rosados performed "PROUD TO BE"! (Later that day the pop star "Snoop Dogg" closed the show on this stage for a reported 150,000 peopel in downtown Jersey City, across from the World Trad Center near the Statue of Liberty!)


The ROSADOS: Eric (14), John (14) and Sophia (6) will perform their
original patriotic anthem “Proud To Be!” (Puerto Rican & American) and
more songs, at the following upcoming events:

• The Jersey City Puerto Rican Heritage Festival at 2 PM on 8/18/18, a 30 min show!
• The Jersey City Puerto Rican Day Parade at noon on 8/18/18,
• The 9/11 Memorial Puerto Rican Day Parade Flag Raising at 2 PM on 9/9/18 at
    Newark City Hall
• The Newark Puerto Rican Day Parade also in Newark at noon on 9/16/18.

On May 2nd, 2018 Professor David Musial was inspired to write this
song “Proud To Be!” and invited the Rosados to collaborate. They  gave
the world premiere of  at the massive 61st Annual 152nd St Cultural
Festival in the Bronx on 5/26/18. Mr. Ululy Rafael Martinez, the
President of the National Puerto Rican Parade, Inc, company (which
produces this event as well), said that they would be a “sea of
people” and he was right, it was massive. There were maybe 20,000
people in the crowd, and the young teens had no fear! This is
partially due to Professor Musial’s continual support and is largely
because of their amazing stage coach, Mr. Brady® Cudmore, a
dynamically gifted Canadian, who has just been awarded his 5th rare
U.S. Entertainer VISA.

On June 10 they performed this song at the start of the National
Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City! Then on July 4th, 2018 they
once again assisted the award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist
Carol Lester in her “Bubble Queen Music™ show. It was on the massive
stage at Exchange Place in Jersey City. As children they learned a
great deal from her about stage performing by being part of the “Royal
Bubble Pops”. They assisted her and this time as teens, they were her
“Royal Body Guards” like in the music video “It’s My Castle”. Toward
the end of her show, she introduced them as their own act “The
Rosados”, and they gave a stunning performance of their anthem “Proud
To Be!” Afterwards, Professor Musial introduced them to Mayor Stephen
Fulup who asked a bogy guard to take a group photo of them.

The day Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, the Rosados composed an
intense compassionate song titled “It’s Oblivious”. They were
participating in their weekly lesson in Music Technology, and
Professor Musial detected that there was something very wrong with
their disposition. It was confirmed as Mom Maria kept dialing her
phone and not receiving an “answer”. Their grandmother who lived in
Jersey City when Sophia was born, had returned to her homeland. She
taught her some nursery rhymes in Spanish as a toddler. They had not
heArd from gram for many weeks, and their lives were in an oblivious
state!  In order to help release some anxiety from the family,
Professor Musial suggested that we start to write down our feelings
and what naturally evolved is this song. After many weeks, they did
finally learn that she was “safe” but hew home was severely damaged. A
brilliant guitarist named “Timmy Cudmore”, added some intense guitar
tracks and the song was published and distributed on iTunes and more,
with hopes of raising some funds to help gram rebuild her home! We
made a music video to help and on December 2nd, they performed it live
for the first time. It was at the “Brightside” Performance Hall in
Jersey City. The Rosados will perform it at the 2 PM show by Ferris High
School on Saturday 8/18/18 for the Jersey City Puerto Rican Fest!

Here is the Set List:

Puerto Rican National Anthem
PROUD TO BE (Puerto Rican & American!)
It's Oblivioius (about Hurricane Maria)
Vivir Mi Vida (Marc Anthony-Cover)
In My Arms
The Mermaid Dance
I'm Not A Ghost
Perfect (Ed Sheeran -Cover)
Livin' La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin-Cover)
Proud To Be -Reprise

In the winter of 2017 the Rosados joined a festive group of MusicTech
Kids and they made a music video about the “Newport Skates” ice rink.

In the Spring and Summer of 2017 they joined the same group and
recorded a song and shot a music video all about the “Fidget Spinner”
toy craze!

You can see Eric, John & Sophia in a fun music video for the Bubble
Queen Music™ show composed by Carol Lester and Prof Musial titled the

In the summer of 2017 the Rosados joined their MusicTech Kid friends “Kevin
Chang" "Maciej Part", "Rafal Wolosz" and Mrs. Carol Lester, the amazing
"Bubble Queen", and they make a unique and exciting music video for his
song composed with Prof. Musial "It's My Castle", which is all about the
game of Chess!. They filemd it at the "Belvadere Castle" in Central Park and in
Liberty State Park!

In the summer of 2017, the Professor Musial shot the source footage
for a silly kids movie concept with the Rosados titled “THE MERMAID
MYSTERIES”. They visited very major boardwalk on the Jersey Shore from
“Haunted” Cape May all the way to Coney Island, in NYC seeking
“Mermaids”, but only find “ghosts of Mermaids” a.k.a “Psychotic
Sophia” (their sister) and the strange “green shirt” guy who always
appears after they do their “Mermaid Dance” and tells them that the
“Mermaids” are at the next beach! They have a major discovery at the
“Mermaid Parade” and you will need to wait until the film release on
Memorial Weekend 2019 to learn the secret! The movie is currently in
Post Production at SkyRoom Studio in Jersey City and will be submitted
to a variety of film festivals in the fall and winter.

After the phenomenal performance the guys gave in the big Bronx Fest,
the rappers and assistant producers Quadre Presley (24) and Danny Hall
(22) asked where there Rosados would go next? Their kid voices have
turned into young man voices and have settled to the point where they
could now start recorded er had informed him and the next day, he saw
it on the cover of a newspaper. He titled it a “Double Dutch Angel”.
The team came to SkyRoom Studio and were read the lyrics. They
searched online and watched some interviews and athletic performances
of the sport. John said he wants to record the song but thought we
should try to reach out to the mom.

The next Day Professor Musial literally “bumped” into the mother
“Kimberly Prince” in the “Staples Office Store” in Newport, and well
long story short, Musial composed a new song about the new team name
“JUMP FOR JERRY” and Eric & John Rosado recorded it first! The composers are:

Prof. David Musial with Mrs. Kimberly Prince including Eric & John Rosado,
Brady Cudmore, Quadre Presley & Danny Hal who all sang in the recording.
They were joined by 5 more girls and an 8 year old little cousin boy. So 12
amazing songers are giving a beautiful tribute to the life of the little 8 year-old boy
who unexpectedly became a Musical Angel too early in life! The entire making of this
beautiful song for the "Double Dutch Atheletic World" was filemd in Ultra HD video
and we will give a documentary world premier soon at

Discovered at Saint Mary's church in Jersey City, their mom was humble and
non-hyper actively encouraging. (Maria is NOT a “stage mom”... someone who tries
to control everything and drives the kids crazy!) After they soloed, mom
asked “ now what?” and David said it is over until next Christmas.
Utterly suddenly saddened, she shared her disappointment and asked if
I gave private music lessons? I introduced her to my unique, award
winning MusicTech Kids™ program, enlisted them into the scholarship
program and the rest is history! Now via the MusicTech Teens™ program,
they graduated into the semi-pro realm of One World Artists
Management. Professor Musial filmed the Christmas concert with
multiple cameras and the church has posted the musical video on the
parish YouTube channel.

Sophia soloed “Silent Night” and this zesty, spunky, vivacious 6 year
old is far from being silent!! Her first solo completes a song about
her grandmother. Her second solo is “I’M NOT A GHOST” from her
“Mermaid Mysteries” movie sound track. Sophia is also in the “FIDGET
SPIN DANCE” music video. She loves to pop into random dances while she
“photo bombs”!


The Little Drummer Boy (ages 12)

It’s Oblivious

It’s My Castle

The Bubble Dance

Newport Skates

Fidget Spin Dance

Proud To Be-World Premiere 2018 (Apx 20,000 people attened the festival in the BRONX)

Proud TO BE- at the start of the NATIOANL PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE- NYC 2018

Proud TO BE -at the Jersey City Fourth Of July event ("Snoop Dogg" was the features act on the same stage)

Madison Square Garden Auditions (accepted!)


More about the team...

Award-winning Jersey City resident, Professor David Musial is the Executive Producer and is teaching the Rosados how to compose and record songs and how to become performers. They are in his MusicTech Teens scholarship program, and are graduates his MusicTech Kids program. The Rosados have been approved to be performers for 22,000 people at kids acts in Madison Square Garden trough Musial’s very unique program. (Prof. Musial is the Founder of the Award-Winning Music & Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, and also won “Instructor-of-The-Year” in the Music Technology program at New York University.)

Brady® Cudmore a Jersey City resident and a very popular and highly acclaimed Off-Broadway star, is training the Rosados and any teen Puerto Rican dancers, to perorm at this event and in the National Parade! Brady has also performed in Carnegie Hall, in Disney, on an Aircraft Carrier in the NYC harbor in “Fleet Week” with a national radio broadcast and even in the very prestigious “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon!

The Rosado twins were discovered by Music & Video industry veteran Prof. David Musial, when he was invited to conduct a Children’s Choir for a Chistamas Concert at Saint Mary’s church in downtown Jersey City in 2016. They were joined by their vivacious little sister “Sophia” who is now just 6 years old! The Rosados have a 4 song EP and a Single on download stores like iTunes, CD Baby and more plus on Spotify. Their song “It’s Oblivious” is an intense statement piece which is being sold to help raise funds to assist their grandmother who’s home was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. All of their proceeds form their new single “PROUD TO BE!” which “drops” on June 10, 2018 when the perform in the “Largest Cultural Celebration in America” the National Puerto Rican Day Parade! In addition, they filmed a move titled “The MERMAID MYSTERIES” featuring their silly anthem "The Mermaid Dance", all over the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore and Coney Island last summer, which is in editing now and is expecting a July 4, 2018 release! There are many more details, photos & videos in the “news and about section on there site Rosado.Rocks,, and

Short song description for "It's Oblivious"

This is a rugged and then yet gentle reflective rock track with descriptive and compassionate lyrics, about the need for assistance after a hurricane! It is sung by teens and a child who are grandchildren of a storm damage victim. The are MusicTech Kids

This song was inspired by the dramatic life threatening tragedy and the unfortunate fatal hurricane “MARIA” in September 2017, which destroyed much of the Caribbean, including the home of Grandma Elba Rosado. It was weeks before this family heard from the mother of their dad Luis, hence the loving and terrified grandmother of these three children. Fortunately she is safe, but her home in Salinas and Aibonito, Puerto Rico, was severely damaged.

The children are in the scholarship division of the very unique MusicTech Kids™ program created by the award-winning Prof. David Musial. He is an expert in Music & Video technologies, and has been a professional church Pipe Organist since age 10 (1970) and became a Liturgical Music Director in the 1980’s.

The first session during the horrific hurricane, the family was present put was  intensely distracted for natural reasons. What does Prof. David do??? He does what he “does” and started discussing their concerns and feelings. He transcribed the conversations, and as weeks went by, they modified the story and once we learned that Gram was “OK”, he coached them to create a musical “mood”.

They then made the instrumental. This procedure was initiated in “Garageband” software by Apple, where we found pro drum “loops”, and then found a singing range (the boys voices are “changing” at just 13) and then discussed piano chord feelings, a bass line and we crafted a melody. We then transferred into ProTools where we added guitar-like sounds, nasty-distorted synth leads, orchestral strings and rock drums. The piece begins with thunderstorm and violent winds, and it leads into a compassionate, gentle electric-harp like piano reflection, and eventually ends with an authentic, traditional lullaby “Los Pollitos” in Spanish  (The Little Chick) which Gramma Rosado taught little Sophia, who is just 5 years old now. She pleas “We Need To Help Her”.

Professor Musial and mom Maria Rosado, filmed the children singing the song in the vocal booth and he then edited a basic “live” production video, which you can view at this link on YouTube or Facebook.

100% of any profit income earned from any sale or public performance or broadcast royalty from this song, will be directed to the grandmother Elba Rosado in Puerto Rico, to assist her with a speedy recovery, (approximately $10,000 damage). Once her home is “fixed”, any future income shall be donated to the MusicTech Kids Scholarship fund to continue to help the Rosado kids and others

There is a PG Rated Version of a Music Video with images from the internet which show destroyed homes and a G Rated Version of the same Music Video with minimal images