Sophia Rosado is real zesty “spitfire”! First of all she is sincerely adorable, sweet & charming but DO NOT PUSH HER BUTTON! (Eric or John… LOL) She sings, acts, dances and even writes lyrics which was noticed at just 4 years old. Between ages at 5-8 she co-starred in a Movie about “Ghosts & Mermaids” called "THE MERMAID MSYTERIES" stars in her own Music Video “I’m Not A Ghost”, and has been on stages for thousands already with the amazing Carol Lester aka the “Bubble Queen", and alsoover a million people in Puerto Rican festivals including the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC!

Sophia ROSADO began her career at the age of four when she was introduced to Prof. David Musial at a Christmas concert near the Statue of Liberty. Her brothers performed in it and the three children were invited to participate in a special scholarship in the MusicTech Kid’s program. Sophia is unique. He’s a strong words, I understand. she is vivacious, highly driven, loaded with energy, likes to pop in the photos whenever possible and to antagonize her older twin brothers LOL. She has recorded songs and has made music videos. In early 2020 she gave an incredible dance recital at a wonderful private studio near the Statue of Liberty.

-Prof. Musial
June 2020
One World Artists Management