“Listen To The Beat”

Composed by the team at Double Dutch Songs a division of NextGen Stars®
Prof David Musial and Mom Kimberly Prince with Eric & John Rosado, Quadre Presley, Danny Hall


Rapped by Danny & Quadre

He would’ve wanted this, yes he would
You hear him now, he’s in the beat
His Mom guides us with a Heart of steel (Locket)
Her glow is seen by all we meet
Come jump with us, we jump for Jerry
Become a champion, celebrate his life!
It’s about community in all we do
We learned from him and so can you!

We jump for who? JERRY!
We jump for what? JERRY!
We jump for Jay all Day!
(Sung Anthem)
Tragedy to Triumph in true trust
We jump now with lots of joy and thrust!

Rapped by Danny & Quadre

Five months of thought and very deep prayer
and this is why we are here
There is no “I” in “Team”, we follow his dream,
we all do this with no fear!
So you think this is easy, and this just for girls?
Give it a try now if you dare!
Because we care, we all took it and we won
the awesome Double Dutch Dare

Rapped by Eric & John Rodsado

We found happiness again, as we celebrate her son,
for all the very unique things, that he has done
We jump for joy, with every girl and boy
who takes this challenge, in this sport that we enjoy!

(By Mom Kimberly Prince)
My baby boy gone, I know hes watching over me.
I miss you so much JAY, Mommy can’t sleep!
It feels like a dream, this can’t be real.
How am I suppose to breath? How am I suppose to feel?
Gotta be strong, I pray to God every day,
That he give me peace and help me find my way
My biggest inspiration though it all
Is my BIG GIRL is watching and she can’t see me fall!
She saw me at my weakest
Wiped my tears and stayed around
She saw me hit the floor

©6/22/18 NextGen Stars® Music ASCAP