(Students from 2015-2017)

BRADY®, now an INTERNATIONAL RECORDING ARTISTS from MusicTech Kids to Carnegie Hall to Disney the Pentagon & more!

Carol Lesetr Says...
Rock, Jazz & Children's Music Entertainer Says...


A proud mom talks about the Scholarshop Program

If you have a grandchild, niece or nephew or neighbor's kid
who you would like to help succeed,
become a PATRON of their ART!

GG Medina shares her experience which took her MusicTech Kids
on tour all over America
MJ Medina
gave live shows in Schools, Churches, Roller Rinks, Parades
Sports Arenas for up to 16,000 teens
NYC Live TV (over 100 shows)
DISNEY for DARE International!
U.S. DEA National Heradquarters ofr 25th Anniv. Red Ribbon Rally!

1995-2010 is an "outcome" of the early stages of the
"MusicTech Kids™" Program.
This 60 minute montage has top executives in the
United States Government like the
The U.S. Young Marines,
U.S. Department of Justice in the PENTAGON,
to National DARE Officials, School Officials+  


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Brady Cudmore (17)

"I could never have imagined that my life would be changed so drastically by such an incredibly intuitive professor!"
•Off-Broadway Star, Performed in Carnegie Hall, The Hall of Hereos in the Pentagon, SIRIUS LIVE Radio, Super Bowl Commercial Contest for Doritos, on a Aircraft Carrier, in Disney! 4 Albums recorded in SkyRoom Studio

Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina

•Started lessons at ages 6 & 8, Recorded 2 albums and many music videos at SkyRoom. National tours for crowds as large as 16, 000 kids when they were just 12 & 14 years in age. "MJ" hostd over 100 live Music Video TV shows in NYC. Perfoirmed in lots of DARE geaduationa, Roller Rinks, in the D.E.A. National Headquarters, on an Aircraft Carrier and even in Disney.

Manny named his first child "David" after Prof. Musial!!!

ANGELIKA (11) " David Musial is the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD! David is a very animated teacher, he "paints a picture with music"."
•Writes songs and plays the piano & organ in church at just 11 years old!

"David integrates technology into teaching music which makes kids excited to learn and practice so even some - what often seem like boring drills (i.e. practicing scales) -turn out to be fun and totally doable! David has a great approach and energy, is very creative and a total pleasure to be with." Kamilla Dorota Mięsak
• Made a music video, is on on iTunes, sings, plays piano & organ in church, at a wedding... only 7 years old!

MARC (8)

"David has been a phenomenal teacher... He successfully integrated technology into the lessons as well...David is not only a great teacher, he is someone with a passion and lots of positive energy, someone you would trust your child to be around with knowing that he will transform his knowledge to an amazing experience for your kid! I am so proud of you and the impact you are making."
•Writes songs about LEGOS at 8 years old

ANDREA (6&8) "David has been not only a great producer, but also a welcoming host and made my daughters feel comfortable in this setting. The work with David was inspiring and memorable for them."
•Both daughters recorded vocals on 2 "Bubble Queen" Albums! ABC Sing With Me   Vol 2   & Bubble Queen

"David is the most Fun, Talented, Patient teacher. My kids adore his class!".. Mom
•Wrote and recorded 4 original song, are on iTunes and made a Music Video at only 4 & 8 years old!

RAFAL (9) "This is really cool, Rafal LOVES IT!, Wooooowwwww!!!!! It's sooooooo coooooool!!! (Mom)
"I would really continue his music education with the best professor in the nation. You really are David and I really appreciate everything what you do for Rafie." (Dad)
ERIC & JOHN (12)
"The Rosados"
"OMG Thank you... like I said you are a blessing to my boys, lessons with you is something they could dream of! They were Mesmorized with everything! You were God sent to mentor my boys.. No words to express our gratitude " You are an inspiration, God Bless you. They look forward to meeting with you!
ATHENA (6) •Made a music video wih Maciej at just 6 years old!
TANISH (4) "Your style is so unique, afetr only a few lessons, my boy wants to dance to the music!" Aparna (mom)
GRADUATES These are excerpts of some of the many letters Prof. Musial has received of the 20+ years at universities.
Nicholas Catania "Professor Musial is an ideas man, he will get you started & he knows ho to get you to that end point creatively!" Undergraduate Class President, Entrepreneur
Kenneth Bachor "I have learned so much from you that I will certainly use in my professional future". ABC News, ROLLING STONE & SPIN MAGAZINES, TIME Maagazine!
Mr & Mrs Bachor "You were certainly a positve mentor and role model. His experiences were sometjing he will hold for the rest of his life!" (Ken became the president of "Castle Point™ Records" inspired and directed by Prof. Musial
Arnand Kularajah "You are a professor I will always remember best of all!"
Eli Robbins "The experience I had in your studio was indeed GOLDEN. You were absolutely 100% crrect, I learned more in the summer with you than I could have at SONY Studios. The opportunity you provided to me was an invaluable addition to my music, it was a summer I will never forget!"
Joel Condon "I want to thank you again for everything you have done for myself and the Music Technology majors. I am still dumbfounded by how many important people I met. I fee we accomplished a lot and my classes turned out great."
Matt Kapuchinski "I want to thank you for my independent study this summer, your imput really drew me towards a pursuit of a career on the "creative" side of the biz"
Michale Zavorskas "Thank you for the oppotyunity to sit in on two classesin your program ... it was a great experience...Music Appreciation and Music Through Multimedia Technologywere very interesting."
Michael Chladil "I must say that this has been without a doubt the most unpredictable semester I have ever had... I want to express mythanks to you for these opportunitiesand to tell you how much I enjoyed learning from you... I would like to learn more about the Music Technology field and would definately be interested in working with you for another co-op term... thank you for a positively wonderful experience.