Annie & Izzie Johnson
"David is the most Fun, Talented, Patient teacher. My kids adore his class!
Thanks David. You make a proud mommy even prouder!"


Annette (8-Annie) & Elizabeth (4-Liza, LiLi, Izzi) have been studying Music Technology with Prof. Musial for a few years now.They are actresses in the wonderful music video "Snowflake 123" by Carol Lester the Bubble Queen. They are often in stage as "Royal Bubble Pops". Check them out at

They co-wrote the songs...

1-I Like Swimming

2-Let's Ski On Camel's Backs!

3-We Love Halloween

4-It's A Turkey Day

In October ther made a music video for "We Love Halloween" and the song is their first professional release on CD Bay, iTunes and more! Check it out at