I could never have imagined that my life would be changed so drastically by such an incredibly intuitive professor.

As a young performer hailing from Canada, my professional career began with Professor Musial.  At the age of 17, I was introduced to him as a performer.  At the time, I was involved in writing, drumming and performing for theatrical productions whilst aspiring to become a pop star.  David saw my potential to do more than that, and decided to take me through artist development.  He began  working through the basics of piano with me to develop my skills as a producer.  Then, began working with me on the schematics/basics of synth modules and digital synth production.  I was inspired.  I started working in the studio for many hours a week, making plenty of mistakes, yet, professor Musial  had the patience to guide me, and to harness my inspiration.  Professor Musial also has so many interesting connections, providing me with other mentors for guitar, drums, stage coaches etc.

I was able to bring all of my thoughts to life because of professor Musial through his dedicated love of synthestration.  I was able to write and assist in producing four albums of music, which are currently available on iTunes.  His recording facilities and connections, are unbelievable.  Skyroom studios is a state of the art facility, which provides artists with all of tools needed to create on a "radio-ready level" and is an atmospheric home for all types of performers.  It is beautifully decorated, with the some of the best recording gear in the music industry.

Aside from the more material aspects, David, is truly one of the most incredibly dedicated and multifaceted instructors I've ever met.  Never stopping until all of his clients have learned, created, and have brought their aspirations further than their original thoughts of fruition.  As a 26 year old performer, I truly believe that none of my achievements would have been possible without this man.  I have had the opportunity to perform in multiple Off-Broadway theaters, tour the nation entertaining with my own music including the Pentagon, perform at Carnegie Hall, in some of the fanciest nightclubs in Manhattan, produce/arrange/perform at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, etc.  Needless to say, that this is all, in fact, because of Professor David Musial.  Take the opportunity to work with David as I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

James Brady® Cudmore