"David has been a phenomenal teacher...
He successfully integrated technology into the lessons!"

David has been teaching our son Marc piano lessons for the last few months at our apartment in Jersey City and has been a phenomenal teacher and friend. Our son inquired about piano lessons after watching his cousin play and we were looking for a teacher who can introduce music concepts to our son, expand his interest in piano lessons and develop musical abilities in Marc a bit more. When I met David in our lobby by accident, I knew this was going to be the right fit.

Not only was David very accommodating, given that we had a newborn baby in the house, he really listened to what we and our son was looking for. David explored multiple avenues to determine and apply Marc’s interest. Marc loves Legos and David found a link to connect Lego’s with music, yes - this was amazing! Marc’s interest increased right away, he couldn’t wait for his music lessons to continue writing lyrics and music with David.

David was very patient, good listener, a teacher with a good heart and someone who is dedicated to child’s interest and development with genuine smile. He created a folder for Marc, kept track of his progress, and introduced both classical and fundamental melodies to Marc while building a strong teacher/student bond with him. He successfully integrated technology into the lessons as well, Marc became very interested in musical instruments other than piano and was eager to download garage band to his iPad to explore his curiosity and talent. David is not only a great teacher, he is someone with a passion and lots of positive energy, someone you would trust your child to be around with knowing that he will transform his knowledge to an amazing experience for your kid! I enjoyed seeing Marc grow and I am very thankful to David for his time spent with our son Marc. I hope we can resume the lessons when we move back to NJ. 

Thank you for everything David,
June 20, 2016

I am so proud of you and the impact you are making
January 31, 2017

Jane Pustelnik,