Videos like "We, Are, Drug, Free!" • Take A Stand • Be Great • Impact •March • I'm Different
and more performed in Disney, The Pentagon, in Sports Arenas, etc!!
You can watch videos here or on our
YouTube channel which is now in development.

The MusicTech Kids™ TV Show Open
This is the "demo' ofr 3D Animators to
now evolve into a masterpiece!
Current very gifted children in the
MusicTech Kids™ Jersey City Program
sing this theme composed on 3/28/17
by the founder
Prof. David "Dr. D" Musial
It was recorded between
3/28 and 4/4/17 by :
Eric & John Rosado (13)
Selina (12)
Maciej Part (8)
Annie (8) & Izzie (5) Johnson
Rafal Wolosz (10)


Starring BRADY® Cudmore

Another VICTORIUS Alumni of the
Senior division of our program is "BRADY CUDMORE', who hails from the beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was only in ther program a few months before he turned 18, but his accerated lessons helped him to "soar" to the stages of Disney, Broadway, The Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, Carnegie Hall and beyond.

Brady has been approved and invited to sing the National Anthems of Canada and America in Madison Square Garden!

Starring Maciej Part 9
Years Old

Sophia Rosado at age 6

helped her big twin brothers
Eric & John-14
(proud MusicTech Kids grads!)
in the making of this


Years Old

Starring Annie & Izzie Johnson 4 & 8
Years Old

Starring Annie & Izzie

Coming Thanksgiving 2017

4 & 8
Years Old
10 Amazing MusicTech Kids! 3-13
Years Old

Eric, John & Sophia
Talk about their dream to perform in the
National Puerto Rican Day Parade
June 10, 2018 NYC

Help the Rosados Perform in the Parade
Donate $10 or more today
for the required Registration Fee!

14, 14 & 6
Years Old

The Mermaid Dance 5 Aquatic Visionary MusicTech Kids! 5-13
Years Old

10 Amazing MusicTech Kids

& the incredible


Years Old
Starring Annie & Izzie Johnson 4 & 8
Yeasr Old
Starring Rafal Wolosz & Kevin Chang


for the Polish Festival in Bufflao, NY

Montage Music Video

The Singers
Rafal Woloaz (10), Julia Poreda (10)
Emilia PArt (4.5) Maciej Part (9)

The Eugenia's Dancers


4.5 to 15
Yeas Old
Starring Emilia & Emilia Part
Julia Poreda & Rafal Wolosz
4 &1/2
9 & 1/2
10 & 11

Starring Eric & John Rosado
with Sophia & MOM!

Eric & John are interviewed on the
NextGen Stars Network

for the release of their 1st solo 4 song EP

13, 13
Years Old
Starring Eric, John & Sophia Rosado 13, 13 & 5
Starring Annie & Izzie Johnson 4 & 8
Years Old

Starring Maciej Part

Annie & Izzie Johnson
Julia Poreda
Rafal Wolosz
Eric & John Rosado

8 & 4
12 & 12
Years Old

We're Lighting Up A BILLION Homes
(One Hut in India At A Time)
YS Mamik

On July 5, 2016 these two dynamic kids wrote and recorded a song with Prof. David Musial , and then shot this video about how their dad helps people who live in huts in India to get enough AC Power to light up a bulb and run a cooking coil.

How cool right?

11 & 13
Years Old
Starring Maciej Part 6
Years Old

gets a new
Digital Piano!

Lots of MusicTech Kids
and may adults assisted at a
cool benefit concert in a wonderful
church near the Statue of Liberty!

12 Years Old
Starring Annie & Izzie Johnson 4 & 8
Years Old
Starring Tanish Mehta 4 Years Old
Starring MJ Medina with Angelo Cerrone 10 & 12
Years Old


Starring MJ Medina and Friends 10 & 12
Years Old
Skate Dance Music Video Samples Visitation 1,2 & 3 Skate Dance Artists 10-17 Years Old

'Lil Ben Baker "IN LINE BOY"
David Musial discovered 'Lil Ben Baker, around 2002 at a "Manhattan Model Search' event when he was the Director of the Music Division. Musial "signed" them a 3-song production deal to One World Artists, LLC/Smart Trax Media & Skate Dance Records. 'Lil Ben performed "In Line Boy" which Musial composed & produced the music with Steve Clark form Europe. Musial produced the Music Video and Ben was joined by Manny & joy "MJ" Medina (who sang the original version) and Danilo Ignacio!
Lil Ben experienced the outcome of the amazing
via Smart Trax, Skate Dance &
One World Artists

10 Years Old
Snowflake 123

The Bubble Queen™
Annie & Izzie Johnson
Jazhara Pacuuar

2, 4 & 6
Years Old

Fisrt Performance in a Church

Our Lady of Czestochowa
RC Church
near the Statue of Liberty

Jersey City

Years Old!



Special appearance by "MOM"

Years Old

Starring Carol Lester the

Prof. David Musial as
"Professor Poppity Pop™"

with MusicTech Kids™ as her
"Royal Bubble Pops™¡"

Emilia Part
Naomie Briscoe
Sophia Rosado
Jack Briscoe
Rafal Wolosz
Maciej Part
Eric Rosado
John Rosado

Bubble Dance by the Bubble Queen of Bubble Queen Music™

Carol Lester the Bubble Queen

Annie& Izzie Johnson
Maciej Part
Jack & Naiomi


Years Old


Starring Brady

with special guests

KAYO, Ben and children from the amazing City which is cthe closest to the Statue of Liberty...






I Have A Real Dream: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr TRIBUTE

Starring SmartTrax® Artists

Ashley Avis
Brady® Cudmore
Francesca Mazza
Manny & Joy
"MJ" Medina
LaShawn Small

16 to 22
year old

Current Students and Graduates

IMPACT in the "Hall of Heroes" in the PENTAGON! BRADY® with U.S. Young Marines 15, 16 &
19 (Grad)
TAKE A STAND (against Bullying)
(The original version earned EMMY AWARD for MTV )

Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina
Original song by Musial
earned an
Emmy for MTV!

12 & 14
Spread Peace All Over The World
(Original version used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary)
Starring Smart Trax Artists 10 years old to grads
He/She Took A Gun to School, what a FOOL! MJ Medina , Bryan Hearne & friends 14-16
MJ Medina 14-16
We Are Drug Free Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina
(#1 for a Partnership For A Drug Free America)
12 & 14
DREAM IT BRADY® Composed at 17
Today Is The Day BRADY® Composed at 17
The Sun Will Shine BRADY® Composed at 17
Ripped Jeans BRADY® Teen Clubs
I Gotta Crush On You Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina 14 & 16
I'm Going To Make It Chelsy Bishop 16

The Easter Bunny Got Busted... a true and silly/sad story. 2016
Maciej, Athena &
lots of people who shpt at the
awesome Newport Mall,
in beautiful downtown Jersey City
6 & 7
  Created by Professor Musial  
Professor Musial Smart Trax