Welcome potential featuered Mentor Producer.

(If you are under 18 and wish to become a MusicTech KidĀ® or a MusicTech TeenĀ®
or you wish to submit a review, or a story or your SoundCloud site, have a parent contact us.


Simply use THIS FORM to submit your "story"


Our focus is on "MENTORSHIP", so we ask you to give your "Title" and a short one sentence description, then tell what you did as a "KID" or "TEEN" in the world of Music & Video. We then ask to share the highligtrs of your bio/discography as facts (it's ok to "bragg... you worked hard for these acheivements), and these will be incentives for the readers to maybe try to do the same. We ask for some bad stiries (without names so there is no "suit"), and then some words of advice. You are encourages to share your industry sites (noting personal) and socsail media Music & Video links as well. Your story should be be at least 4 tablet pages but could be as many as 8 depending on how many photos you submit. The total story has a minimum need of 1,000 words limit of 6,500 "characters" or apx 2000 words. (As creative folks... this goes by fast escpeially if you "copy & paste" from your digital "bio".
Photo Sizes shall be 72 DPI, RGB format
Small 300 W x 400 H  
Medium 640 W x 480 H  
Large-Full Page 768W x 1024H  
Headshot 800W x 1000 H (reduce it from 8' x 10" aspect ratio)
Thumbnals (may scaled) 1920 W x 1080H  
  If you have any difficulty with the Google Form, simply send us a message: