Ashley Avis Winters
Smart Trax®/Skate Dance Records/MusicTech Teens® Alumni 2005-2008

Photo from Alsley Avis Social Media

Directed by Ashley Avis

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World Premiere 11/27/20


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I am so proud of my friend Ashley Avis-Winters, one of my protegés in the early days of my unique
MusicTech Teens® program in my Smart Trax ® Institute of Technlogy.

I made several songs and directed music videos with her for Smart Trax® Institute and Skate Dance Records
and more between 2005-2008,
shortly after she was presented the title "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" at age 16.

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I Have A Real Dream
Let's Get Wild (& Roller Blade For A While)

Now in 2020 she continues her journey as an amazing, promissing Hollywood TV Commercial & Film Director

Congratulations Ashley, Professor David Musial

The Film Crew for Black Beauty from Ashley's Facebook page

Professor David Musial with President of Castle Point Records Steve Puig (his student) and Ashley Avis
at Hararriville Studios in Weehawkin, NJ (across from Midtown NYC) 2005
Photos by Musial - time laspe

One World Artists BRADY® Cudmore & Ashley Avis
in SkyRoom Studio 2008
Photo by David Musial
Ashley's parents submitted thsi photo for the
Smart Trax® DVD

I was introduced to Ashley just after she earned the title “Miss Teen Model Of The Universe”,when she was 16 years old. I helped her develop some songs, and then we filmed some music videos here in the New York City area.

She has evolved into a brilliant Hollywood film director and producer. She just finished editing a movie for a major Hollywood motion picture corporation. It’s called "Black Beauty" and it’s about the classic novel about a horse. She told me about this venture when it began maybe a year and a half ago or so. Ashley filmed it in Africa the past year and I’ve been following many of her posts. She and her husband Edward and her dog "Whisky" basically moved there! She landed a management contract with the William Morris agency in Los Angeles (which is huge, next to impossible to achieve if you’re not familiar with the industry!) She was recently featured on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter magazine for the industry. Then the Jaguar automobile corporation produce a 60 second TV commercial starring Asley driving her Jaguar around Africa working on her film!

At age 16 she won the very rare and unique title “Miss Teen Model Of The Universe”! A modeling agency in New York City introduced her to me because Ashley is a really good singer. They asked me to volunteer to consider starting some songwriting and recording ventures with her. Her parents were amazing, she was very polite, extrelemy humble and optimistic, so I did!

One day her mother and Lil 10-year-old brother Ricky we’re recording a dance song at my SkyRoom Studio. (It’s located on top of a 35 story high-rise building in downtown Jersey City overlooking the lower Manhattan harbor from the World Trade Center. I used to see the Statue of Liberty and even Newark airport in the early days before dozens and dozens of skyscrapers popped up in front of me!)

One time Ricky (10) was standing in the doorway looking at the 35th floor rooftop terrace where there are 25 feet high trees, and he suddenly shouted and jumped in “lightning“! Ashley was in a vocal booth and in the control room her mom and I heard loud “boom boom boom boom”, of the kick drum in dance song! We innocently thought it was mybig bass"subwoofers". Well it wasn’t. Lightning struck the lightning rod above the vocal booth and we heard the thunder of course at the exact same time! We shut down it went down to the 34th floor and just kind of hung out for a while and ended the session because it was a long lasting thunderstorm. Luckily no one was injured, and my equipment I thought was protected by a $3000 lightning surge/spike rejection product. Ashley has an effect on people, LOL! The next day when I returned to the studio this product started making weird "thumping" noises and everything that was plugged into it blew up! My insurance had to replace all the equipment that was damaged!

Photo from Ashley Avis Facebook post

Professor David Musial 3/23/20

She went off to college for film directing, and I went off to create a visit technology college degree at a University nearby, and we just “drifted” because we got busy with other ventures. We reconnected four years ago in Hollywood when I went to see my most favorite contemporary composer John Williams conduct the LA Symphony orchestra to the music of E.T. and Star Wars in the Hollywood Bowl. I had dinner with Ashley and her very cool and lucky husband Edward, her now 25-year-old brother Ricky (he’s nowa film producer!), and we were joined by her lovely parents. She shared with me that it was the music video producing and directing experiences that I did with her that encourage her to go to college to become a film director! Ashley has shared with me so many fascinating stories of the TV commercials she’s directed, and now the film work, I am so proud of Ashley!

Two years ago my attorney friend Paul Appel, and a great flemenco guitarist, music sho producer and Wall Street exec Vidak and my apprentice/producer/artist Quadré Presley went to witness her participate in the national competition for television commercial production. She’s worked in over 100 TV commercials are ready and even one in award by the Mercedes Benz car company for directing commercials. This particular contest was for the “Foot Locker” sneaker store company and it was for a commercial she made for the New York City Marathon!

I had no idea in my early days of my MusicTech Teens®️ program in my Smart Trax®️Institute, where we make music video and documentaries for my NextGen Stars® Channel, was helping my students to mold career ideas in this fashion! Go Ashley! What a cool family!

The "BLACK BEAUTY" Motion Picture Edit Screen by Ashely Avis fro her Facebook Post 3/23/20
Ashley edited the high definition images in the same Video Production Software on a MAC which I used to make her music videos
when she was 16-18 years old: Adobe Premiere. I produced directed and shot several music videos that she was in between 2005 and maybe 2008.

Photos from Jaguar social media

Photo by David Musial
Experiencing live, my FAVORITE Contemporary Film Music Composer JOHN WILLIAMS at the Hollywood Bowl,
after enjoying a dinner with Ashley & Family!
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So, what does your piano teacher do?

Professor David Musial