CORONAVIRUS Educational Public Service Announcements

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Who: 4 "MusicTech Kids" students of Professor David Musial
-James "Jay Jay E" Ecock - 12
-Maciej Part - 11
-Emilia pArt - 6
-Krish Wadhawan - 4 1/2
Educational Public Service Announcements
To help all remember tips on staying healthier
When: Now

Mr. Mohit & Mrs. Shilpa Wadhawan (Krish 4 1/2)
Mrs. Jamie Chen & Mr. James Ecock (James 12)
Mrs. Kamila Darota & Mr. Ryszard Part (Emilia 6 & Maciej 11)

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Dr. Robert Gillio



Four dynamic Jersey City students in the very unique MusicTech Kid‘s program have responded to the request of Dr. Robert Gillio, the founder of The Force For Health, and I have created to educational public service announcements for children of all ages.

One is about “Washing Hands” and the other about “Coughing”.


The first student to accept this challenge is 12-year-old James “Jay Jay E!” Ecock. James is a singer songwriter who plays piano and guitar & LOVES football!  He loves to go to at McDonald’s to get his favorite fruit french fries. In a music lesson last year I asked him what The most popular thing that comes to his mind from his fathers heritage country of Ireland. Of course I expect the obvious: “leprechauns”, “four leaf clover‘s”, maybe even “Lucky Charms” cereal since he likes all the sweet stuff!  What does he say? “POTATOES”!!!  More below.


Krish Wadhawan 4 1/2 years old, is a zesty, spunky, dynamic polite and creative youngster who is learning how to play the piano and can already read English! He’s learning how to make songs and this is now his third video! He is joined by Emilia Part 6 Who inspired the creation of this song and her older brother Maciej Part 11. A few weeks ago I played the Sunday morning 8 AM Polish mass at our Lady of Czestochowa Church where I met this family in 2015. They invited me to a traditional breakfast they have at the beautiful “City Diner” a few blocks away. I told him I only had about 20 minutes because I need to go off and play more music at another church but I would join them for a cup of coffee.

I asked the two of them in front of the grandparents and parents if we can start drafting lyrics for a song about how to properly wash your hands, when suddenly Amelia need to cough, she did not have a tissue nearby so she coughed inside her elbow! I asked the two of them in front of the grandparents and parents if we can start drafting lyrics for a song about how to properly wash your hands, when suddenly Emilia need to cough, she did not have a tissue nearby so she coughed inside her elbow. She was well taught by your family and this immediately inspired the creation of the lyrics for the song so of course I need to invite her and Maciej to be part of the video.

These children along with Rafal Wolosz and Julia Poreda (10) Made a music video for a song I composed with Rafal on his iPhone 8 titled “What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?”. It’s a fun festival in a Polish heritage and last year or three of them went to my hometown city of Buffalo New York and they were in the biggest Dyngus Day parade in the world with her song. The producer of the parade says it’s the best original ever made because it’s not only entertaining it is educational. They gave us the largest dance ensemble the “Polish Heritage Dancers of Western NY” in 2019 and in 2018 Eugenias Dance studio Choreographer Dancing is joined in. Tom Lorentz, the vice president of the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame loan Dustin Sound systems.


About 10 years ago Dr. Robert Gillio the founder of “the Student health force” contacted Prof. David Musial and asked if he could be the producer of a song and music video, which would be the "Grand Prize", for a national contest for high school students his foundation was conducting. Musial accepted and he and one of his protégés, a talented Canadian singer songwriter musician named Brady Cudmore took on the challenge. The venture was produced here in the Newport area Jersey City at SkyRoom Studio, and the end result was a music video. Musial excepted and he and one of his protégés a talented Canadian singer songwriter musician named took on the challenge.

In early March 2020 Dr. Gillio contacted Professor Musial, and asked if he could invite some of his current students who were kids and teens, to maybe create short original songs? They could help others with a friendly reminder of good techniques for washing hands and for a coughing. Musial put the word out, and in the midst of these trying times through safe distancing and use of iPhones and his recording studio, these projects were made. They were completed about two weeks ago.


Jay Jay continued...

I then asked him what is the most famous song to come from Ireland, and he did not know! I asked his mom if he could use her phone to “Google it“ and he smiled with joy. Then he was perplexed because he learned that it happens to be “When My Irish Eyes Are Smiling”.

I then turned the creative tables on him and asked him what “french fries” at McDonald’s (an Irish” named restaurant), are made from. And he quickly respond the obvious “potatoes“ and then I zing them with the unexpected… “Shouldn’t they be called IRISH FRIES”??

This gave birth to the song and he gave the world premiere with his friends the Rosado Twins ( from Jersey City, at the Jersey City Irish festival in September for about 1000 people. Jay Jay was then honored to be on top of the float with the president of the Jersey City Irish community for this year‘s St. Patrick’s Day parade which of course was obviously postponed or canceled.

On Saturday, March 7, 2020 when Hoboken was celebrating their Irish festivities Jay Jay Finished recording his 12 song solo album at my SkyRoom Studio in Newport, downtown Jersey City. He asked his mom if he could go to McDonald’s for lunch after his session and I went with them. We start this PSA with what happened when I found where he was sitting. I pulled out my iPhone camera and documented a true situation, which added to the inspiration of the creation of the song for the PSA!

Jay Jay’s album has seven classic cover tunes in the 60s and 70s one zany remake of a traditional Christmas Joanne and for originals including the comedic song “The Super Bowl Sucks!”

Five other very talented students in the MusicTech Teens a MusicTech Kids program excepted Jay’s invitation to sing harmonies and some solos on the album. Eric & John Rosado (16) have been in front of well over 1 million people the past year for Puerto Rican heritage festivals and parades (Including the massive national parade in 2018 and 2019), and also on the Jersey City Fourth of July stage and the 9/11 Memorial stage. Jay joined in some if these events. The result have a full album and a couple singles on global distribution and have made many music videos. They are currently working on album number two! A guitarist who performs with the legendary Marc Anthony is helping with a song for Quinceaneras, (15-year-old girls birthday parties in the Latino culture.) The Rosados sing on 5 of the tracks.

Maciej Part (11) sings on 3 of the tracks. Maciej boldly came up to me on palm Sunday 2015 and asked if I could teach him how to play the pipe organ at our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Jersey City. It was my first mass playing here in over 20 years, I did not know anyone there and I expect at the next service to begin in a few minutes. I told his parents and grandparents that I teach college students and declined the invitation. But they were persistent. I was reminded that I was his age when I started taking lessons from a Polish Parade - NYC because I called her and she ordered me to do this. A journalist is writing a book about my musical ventures and she to ordered me to do this so I did!

By the time he was seven years old he play the piano and sang in Polish at the same church service. He has gone on to play the pipe organ at the cathedral in Newark. He also has made many songs and music videos!

Rafal Wolosz 12, Sings and two songs. He joined the program when he was eight years old and also is in many music videos.

Maciej, Rafal, Eric & John when they were boys a few years ago, were approved to seeing for 22,000 people at Madison Square Garden halftime shows! They made it to the list which the producers can select talent from for Sunday afternoon basketball game half times!

Kevin Chang 12, is also in two songs and four students above, along with Kevin made a music video about a statement Kevin made that “chess is a violent game”! It’s called “It’s My Castle”, and we filmed in the Castle at Central Park and on the chessboard at a restaurant in Liberty State Park.