We have 16 slogans to choose from which are available on over 90 products from shirts, hoodies, mini skirts, hats & scarfs to mugs, greeting cards, postcards, posters, blankets and bed spreads, pillows, shower curtains, stickers, magnets and even dog bandannas! Imagine that...wah duh!
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All of this was inspired by the fun and silly song which was titled "The Best Ever" forn the biggest Dyngus DAY Parade In The World!
Checkl out all of our fun slogans on over 90 products
What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day? Dyngus Day Songs Everybody’s POLISH On Dyngus Day Everyone's POLISH on Dyngus Day
It’s Dyngus Time! King Dyngus Queen Dyngus Let’s DYNGUS!
Let's Party It's Dyngus Day! Let’s Celebrate It’s Dyngus Day 'Got Pussywillows, Let's Dyngus! Umm Pah Let’s DYNGUS!
Dyngus Day New York City  Ask Me About DYNGUS!  Ask Me About Śmigus-Dyngus Ya Wanna Dyngus With Me? 
Dyngus Day Is More Than Polkas? You Don’t Know Of Dyngus Day?  Greenpoint NYC Dyngus Day We Love Dyngus Day
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