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60 Second Video Tour

SkyRoom is a State-Of-The-Art, Vocal and Synthestration Paradise, perched in a Penthouse high above the NYC Harbor. Agents from Grey Advertising when doing music for Cover Girl & Revlon TV Commercials, called it an "URBAN OAISIS" because it's just one 10 minute subway stop from Manhattan, in the new, stunning, Newport area os trendy Jersey City a.k.a. "JerseyWood"!

SkyRoom was designed in 1991 as the proposed "Doctoral" Thesis for the award-winning, Music & Video Technology Producer: Professor David Musial. You could see the Statue Of Liberty from the amazing vocal booth! The lighting is all very adjustable for moods. The vocal booth has the latest L.E.D. " HUE" lights which can each have any of over 16 Million colors and are cold, no heat to the room! You simply much a light on your smartphone screen and adjust its color. This is awesome for setting vocal moods and for shooting music videos!

We see the Freedom Tower from our balcony and enjoy the gentle ocean breezes on the 35th floor Penthouse rooftop terrace garden, to the right of the vocal booth! Something is always moving out the windows from seagulls and falcons on the balcony, to all kinds of boats, yachts across the street, ferries, sailboats, cruise ships and even aircraft carriers! It is isolated, very safe from paparazzi with many private security guards and a hard-to-find entrance. This is the home to many celebrities. They can go down a flight and chill on a Steinway Baby Grand and write more hits, with the charming comfort of privacy. They are many 4 star restaurants within the neighborhood. The NFL winning team ofd the Superbowl stayed in the hotel next-door. "Trey Songz" use to lived 20 floors below the studio. The father of Aria Grande lived on the floor below.This studio environment is very rare and off-the -wall!

SkyRoom has always been updated to keep up with the "times", we have a cool collection of vintage gems like the Ultimate Classic MINIMOOG and even a POLYMOOG, and now we are endorsed by the latest and greatest invention, the ROLI SEABOARD! We currently use only the finest Mics: Neuman M149 Tube, Sanken SM7 Stereo Condenser, RE20 for TV/Radio, AKG C214, and many more. The signal travels to the best Avalon VT737 Tube or Drawmer 1960 Tube or Aphex. Aural exciter preamps into the finest analog to digital converters: Apollo x8p, or Focurite Saffire into a turbocharged MAC Pro Tower with 64 MB of RAM to give unlimited tracks and plugins for Pro Tools 12 HD, Logic X 2019, GarageBand, FL Studio Pro, Reason, Ableton Live, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, (in Ultra HD 4K video) etc. If that's not enough, we have a Universal Audio OCTO Satellite with lots of plugins like the SSL, Lexicon 224, Kontact Komplete 12,, Omnisphere 2 and more. In addition we have an extensive collection of WAVES plugins like: Apex Aural Exciters, C6 & Mulltimaximizer multi band compressors and limiters for mastering. of course we have awefultune..., (thanks Cher!) I mean Autotune 7, AVOX 4 with Harmony Engine and more, Melodyne and several Vocoders a and the vintage Ditgtech RP2000 for that famous but hard to do "Dapt Punk" vocal effect! All of this can be in stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound. (11.2 soon)

There are all kinds of vintage synths including the Korg Wavestation AD, and Emulator 1, Oberheim Matrix, Yamaha TG77, Proteus 2 XR Orchestral, Roland JV1080 & 2080, the Native Instruments Komplete S88,, Machine and the Ableton PUSH, Roland System 8, Behringer Mimi Model D, the Roland Groovebox with the "Dimension Beam" (like a theremin) and the SEABOAD!

Professor Musial knew Dr. Robert (Bob) A. Moog, he was his Music Technology mentor. Professor Musial created the "Sound Synthesis Research Center" concept for Stevens Institute of Technology in 1993, when all of the courses were held in SkyRoom Studio. He created the Music & Technology Bachelors Degree Curriculum and expanded on this Research Center concept in 2004. Prof. Musial inspired the "Student Division" of the Bob Moog Foundation in 2007 and had Stevens selected as the first center. (This was put on hold on behalf of the Institute, but Musial continued to inspire hundreds of students.) In 2012 Prof. Musial's program won the award of 2nd best in the nation at "Most Innovative Changing the Music Technology Industry" at the "Best Colleges organization!

So our "Soft Symphony" or "Synthestration" plugin library is extensive. You name the orchestral or exotic sound, and we have it then YOU can play it from the keyboard feel of choice. We have the "PLAY" plugin with the East West Quantum Leap orchestral and Choir Libraries, XPand, Reason 7 with many added Packs, MachFive 3 with Moog samples and Strummers, Native Instruments COMPLETE 10, Frank Serafine, Equator, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, and many more... 10's of thousands of sounds to explore! We also have "Band-In-The Box" and many extra Apple Loop libraries if you need help arranging!

Once you are done creating and mixing, we do award winning mastering. Three Platinum, 7 Gold Records and an Emmy Award was created or mastered here! NO ROBOTS HERE, we have "Golden Ear" friendly humans to give your precious project that "RADIO SOUND".

We aim to make this luxuray available to all musicians and actors. Our base rate is $75/hr in 4 hour blocks. Production rates are negotiated. (We host many amazing interns who are totally capable of running the "basic" control, so if you have a smaller budget and if the studio is not "booked" sometimes special rates or "sales" happen".

Feel free to call (201) 659-8300 or better yet send an email to to get more info and talk with the studio manager to arrange a tour.

Visit for more info.