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60 Sec Video Overview •••••• Fireworks
Studio Views
ACTION SHOTS of Artists and Guests

Michelle Moog-Koussa with photos of her dad, Davids's mentor
Dr. Robert (Bob) A. Moog wuth David

Michelle Moog-Koussa & Frank Serafine


David and N'Kenge

Welcome to the SkyRoom Synth Paradise!

David with his Msuic Tech Mentor
Dr. Robert (Bob) A, Moog

Michelle Moog-Koussa

Julio Fernandez (Spyro Gyra), David & Rob Hararai

Carlos Alomar & Brady®

Maciej Part (6) David & Brady's YOUNGEST Music Technology Student


a whole 2 seconds of 8 bit 22Khz sampling, wow!!
This was SkyRooms's 1st digital sampler. Musiaol bought it because his
Sound Design Idol "FRANK SERAFINE" had one!
He used it in STAR TREK, TRON, ADDAMS FAMILY and more!

Michelle Moog-koussa & Frank Serafine
Frank is David's SOUND DESIGN Mentor
Frank did "START TREK, TRON, SPACEBALLS, Hunt For Red October, Poltergeist,
Baywatch, Ironman and more!

Brady and Movie Director/Artists Ashley Avis "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe"

Mr Cassidy (brought Bradt to America) with Canadaian studnets and
SIRIUS XM/FOX News Personality DAVID WEBB (in Rear)

Michelle Moog-Koussa & Prof. David Musial

Brady & Carol Lester

Brady & N'Kenge

Carol & Jay

Carol Lester & Roger Ansanelli

Julio Fernandez, Brady, Dillon & Rob Harari

Chris Bohinski

David and 1st band mate Bill Rausch
1978-2015 reunion!

David & Rita

David Bill Rausch

David & Tom

David & N'Kenge

Roger Ansanelli

TJ & Brady

David Burger

David Sasha & Brady

Joy Medina

Joy& Brady

Joy Medina

Kevin Bertotti & Producer

Julio Fernandez & Brady

"TRON" the SkyRoom Mascot!


Maciej & Athena

Marc & Mom Jane

Unc James & Athena

Sasha, friend & Brady

N'Kenge & Brady (both have performed in Carnegie Hall!)

Kamilla, Richarzd & Emillia Part

Maciej & Brady
SkyRoom 35th Floor Balcony

Gram Theresa, Emilla, Aunt Barbera & Maciej

Brady & Film Director/Composer Kevin Bertotti

Brady & Carol!!!

Dave Burger, Sasha Spielvogle
(Director of the Labrynyh Dance Theater - NYC)
& Brady recordeing fpr a show at the
"Alvin Ailey American Dance" Theater in NYC 2015


Producer Nick Catania co-starring in Episode One of Next GenGrn Stars®

"Jesus Fernandez" (front/center) & Family
Jesus's dad "ordered" David Musial to teach his son when he was 11.
Jesus Fernandez played Trumpet, David didn't!
David suggested that he joined his "children's choir" with about 40 kids.
The following Jesus played "Ave Maria" on the "organ" in the choir infront of 5 or 6 members.
David shocked, asked where did you lear that? He said he heard it on the radio last night before he fell asleep!
David wrote the song "The Video King" about Jesus Fernandez,
and it launched his educational media company "SMART TRAX"!

Joy (6) & Manny (8) Medina
Manny records his first song "The Little Drummer Boy"
this launched for fun career of "MJ Medina"

Prof David Musial is an ENDORSED Artist for the ROLI SEABOARD Company
"THE FUTURE IS HERE is 5 Dimensions"