One World Artists, LLC (The Company) Liability Release
In case of emergency, please contact the COMPANY via email but please assume no refunds will be granted.

I waive and release any and all claims for myself and my heirs against MusicTech Kids®, MusicTech Teens®, Professor Musial, Produce Songs™, NextGen Stars® SkyRoom Studio, Smart Trax® Institute of Technology & One World Artists, LLC and any of its officers, directors, employees, agents or sponsors (the COMPANY) for any injuries or illnesses which may directly or indirectly result from participation in our classes. Unless written notice is given to the studio, permission is granted to the COMPANY and its operators to seek medical treatment for the participant in the event they are not able to reach a parent or guardian. Parent/Guardian must also submit written notice for any physical/mental problems, restrictions, or conditions. This waiver and release is valid from the date of my signature below, and shall remain effective unless and until modified in writing by the undersigned.

I understand that the COMPANY may, from time to time, photograph or video student work in the classroom and in performances for marketing and archival purposes. I hereby grant the COMPANY permission to use photographs and videos in which I or my child appears for marketing, communications, and/or archival purposes. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith. It is my understanding that no charge or special compensation is or will be required for my or my child’s service/s.


The COMPANY’s Policies:

REFUNDS: There is a two hour grace period after a purchased class to receive a refund online. There are no refunds for missed lessons. There are no refunds on classes, lessons, workshops, events, or performances after the two hour grace period.

STUDENT ABSENCE: No refunds are given for missed lessons. Registration and payment reserves a student’s lesson time each week. Private students are entitled to ONE (1) MAKE-UP lesson per month (please see “make-up lessons” below). In order to be eligible for the make-up lesson, lessons must be canceled by providing 24 hours notice to the COMPANY. Notification must be sent via email. PLEASE NOTE: Last minute cancellations and no-shows will necessitate charging the full lesson fee and are NOT eligible for make-ups. We cannot make exceptions to this policy. There are no make-up lessons for Group Classes missed by students.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: Make-up lessons are included at the end of each month and are given after communication with the teacher by email. Student cancellation of a make-up group lesson forfeits the lesson.

TEACHER SUBSTITUTIONS: The Company reserves the right to provide another qualified teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill, or otherwise unable to teach private lessons and/or classes. If a teacher is out and the studio cannot arrange a substitute any missed classes will be made up.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: Weather-related cancellations will be posted via email. Make-up classes for weather-related closures will be rescheduled on days assigned by the Company. No make-up lessons will be granted if a student is unavailable for the rescheduled class.
PERFORMING: Some of the Company’s classes are performance based. It is completely up to the discretion of the teacher if a student is ready to perform. Some performance opportunities are only open to certain students who take certain classes. All eligible students will be notified when they are invited to perform. We have occasional recitals and they may have separate fees which will be available to purchase through the online system. We often perform in non-compensated heritage festivals and parades. A separate release form will be required to partake in these exciting events.